About Us

#1… This Isn’t About Us

This is all about you, your customers and, most importantly, your brand. Which is why we’re here to help. We are Migration Branding, a collaborative, integrated marketing agency located in Cincinnati USA. Since 2006, we’ve helped brilliant marketing minds just like yours create, launch, re-position and propel dynamic brands that consumers recognize, cherish and, well, consume. Now we can do the same for you and your brand.

Experience Matters

The depth and breadth of our experience spans across two decades in both C2B and B2B industries. Creative directors. Writers. Designers. Art directors. Developers. Strategists. SEO/SEM experts. DPs. Video and Audio Editors. We are all seasoned professionals who have touched virtually every industry across every media channel imaginable. There are no interns, junior creatives or interim client service reps working behind the scenes on your account. You’ll be meeting directly with the team who will be working on your account. And when time and budget are important, you can trust we will keep our team focused and as streamlined as possible.

Momentum Is Everything

We work fast because we’re passionate, agile, resourceful and extremely good at what we do. Our best work happens when the sparks fly and the ideas flow. More often than not, we don’t want nor need much time to dramatically impact your business and your brand. Tight deadlines don’t scare us because we are structured to move faster than our clients. So if time and budget are in short supply, we long for the challenge.

Our Informal Formula For Success

You may find it a bit surprising, but we don’t necessarily have to be your Agency of Record to help steer your brand in the right direction. One project… one opportunity… could be all you need for us to make an undeniable impact on your brand. Over the years, we’ve found that the best marketing results are often built through relationships… not retainers. In fact, many of our longest, on-going client relationships are actually project-based. And we are structured to work your project however you best see fit. Should you want us to take the lead and offer a fresh perspective on your brand, we can do that. Or we’re even happy to work in tandem, supporting your in-house team or other agency resources, as well. Whatever works best for you, your budget and your brand.